October 29th, 2016

Iowa Code Camp - Fall 2016 - Registered Attendees

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148 Attendees registered

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Here's what some attendees are saying about Iowa Code Camp:

Greg— Ready for another great event!!

Joshua— import { Knowledge, FUN, Friends } from 'iowa-code.camp';

Tom— Seek. Fun. Aggressively.

Bishal— Excited to be there ...

Safal— First timer, looking forward to it.

Jeff— Wooo!

Karen— Looking forward to it!

Robert— Neat

Jim— var IowaCodeCamp = "The Best Coding Conference In Iowa";

George— How about a TCP joke? Did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it?

Jon— camping under the binary spanning trees

Christopher— Yippie!!!

Chase— Can't wait!!

Zachary— I'm attending the camp for the first time... super excited.

Gregory— Looking forward to learning!

Aaron— Talk Nerdy to me!

Chandrakumar— Hey... it is that time already. Looking forward to the sessions.

Thien— Looking forward for another Codecamp.

Tim— looking forward to attending

Suresh— Great event. Looking forward to attend.

Scott— WOOT!

Reed— Im in!

Mukundan— Looking forward to it!

Thinh— Hello!

Bill— FTW!