November 1st, 2014

Iowa Code Camp - Fall 2014 - Registered Attendees

Registration is closed. See you Saturday!

306 Registered!

Here's what some attendees are saying about Iowa Code Camp:

Greg— All signs point to another great event! Hope to meet you there!

Mike— !

Michael— Fall ICC is always my favorite.

Rob— Looking forward to it!

James— Get my Geek on:

Ian— Looking forward to meeting cool people!


Bipin— Always in. Welcome back to dsm.

chris— Looking Forward to another great Code Camp!

Parady— Looking forward it. been sharing the word out.

Jimmy— If possible, I'd like beautiful women to throw cash and cheeseburgers at me when I show up. If it's too much trouble to arrange this, that's fine. I am reasonable.

Nicholas— very excited

Bill— Step 1: Register. Step 2: Profit!

Garrett— I'm so excited for code camp this year!

Phil— I am really looking forward to this Code Camp... Thanks guys and girls!

Hari— :-)

kalyan— Wow, time flies. Another code camp to enjoy already !

Alex— Excited to bring a few friends from work along this year.

Andrew— Wouldn't miss it!

Ted— Yess! The highlight of my year. I can barely contain myself!

Chris— var fun = GoToCodeCamp(me);

Michael— I think Bender says it best, "I'm back Baby!"

Dan— @Capncavedan

Wes— Lover of .Net and startups.

kartik— Cant wait :)!

Lawrence— Liking what I'm seeing on the schedule.

Rod— REH and Iowa Code Camp

Chris— Yay!

Rodney— Several of the talk topics convinced me I should go.

Jayakumar— am in

Javier— I need to get started on my presentation! :)

Thien— Look forward for the code camp.

Rachel— I ended up on the business side of things instead of the IT side of things, but going to Code Camp always revives/nourishes my inner geek and gives me new ideas.

Tony— Lookin forward to it!

Lal— Looking forward to it.

Chandra Kumar— It is code camp time...Looking forward to the sessions.

Tom— Code4life

Aaron— hello

Ritesh— Looking forward to it.

H— An obligatory, public comment