December 5th, 2015

Iowa Code Camp - Fall 2015 - Registered Attendees

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218 Attendees registered

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Here's what some attendees are saying about Iowa Code Camp:

Greg— #ICC16 - or 0x10 if you prefer.

James— Looking forward for the event

Karen— Looking forward to it!

Thien— Looking forward to an inform weekend again.

Mark— Can't wait! Every year is so much fun!

James— Can't wait!

Jim— Looking for awesome sauce to spice up your tech skills? Look no further! Attend Iowa Code Camp!

Ted— Excited about the next Great Code Camp!

Tony— Yeah!

Karen— Looking forward to the day

Paul— 10001110101 Periodic table with a center piece of mind.

Rachel— Nothing runs like a Deere!

rderania— thank_you!!!

Jake— Always a great time!

Bill— Continuous learning!

Diana— A girl from Tajikistan, trying to muscle through IT...

Matt— Do it live!

Christopher— Looking forward to another great code camp!!!

Nicole— looking forward to camp

Seth— Excellent! Looking forward to this!

ronald— One time, at Code Camp...

Vidya— Great! Can't wait.

Dustin— Worth every penny.

Chandrakumar— Here we go.. it is that time of the year again. Looking forward to the event.

Tom— 42