July 23rd, 2016

Iowa Code Camp - Spring 2016 - Registered Attendees

Registration is closed. See you Saturday!

211 Registered!

211 Attendees registered

Here's what some attendees are saying about Iowa Code Camp:

Greg— Looking forward to a another great day!

Seth— Let's do this!

Bill— Automate all the things!

Seth— Excited to go to my 2nd ICC!

Brian— Like our group on FaceBook at: QC Coders

Joshua— Who needs Microsoft Build Conference when you have Iowa Code Camp!?

Floyd— Me and my son are looking forward to it.

Manoj— My First coding event in IA

Andrew— First time. Looking forward to it.

Mike— beep boop

Karen— I am looking forward to it!

Jose— looking to improve, give me knowledge

Rachel— Great menu of topics, as always. So glad I didn't miss "Spring"!

Tony— Yippee!

Aaron— Glad you got this going!

Shawn— How now brown cow?

Francis— Thanks to all that help put this together every year!

Karen— Excited

Karl— Whoop there it is

Kevin— This is one of my favorite conferences to attend! The other favorite is the Fall Iowa Code Camp! :-)

Tony— Let's do this

Yu-Diann— Excellent

Moneer— First time attending

Andy— First time, looking forward to it!

Chris— Looking forward to another awesome code camp!

Mason— Looking forward to the event!

Jim— public void RegisterCodeCamp(string optionalstr = "default string") //Comments (Optional, but public)